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Types of Memorials

“Memorials” covers a wide range of offerings to commemorate people and events. Cemetery monuments or memorials normally include single units, companion (husband and wife), or a memorial for your entire family that may be together in a central area.

“Memorials” may also include other items in a cemetery, church or community, which are dedicated to a person, events or in memory of a person or event. An excellent example is a veterans memorial which is dedicated to the people and the ideals they fought for.

 Styles of Memorials
Upright Monuments

come in innumerable sizes and shapes to accommodate single, companion or multiple names. They can also be more easily customized for any special design or purpose.

Bevel Markers

are a variation of an above ground flat marker with the back of the memorial being slightly raised to create an angled view.

Slant Monuments

 can be created with or without bases. They can also be customized in shape and size and purpose.

Government and Veterans

memorial styles, flat or upright, granite, marble or bronze can be duplicated for a spouse. We also can suggest options to install the government supplied piece.

Flat or "Lawn Level"

 are usually set with the top surface level with ground level. However they are sometimes placed on top of a concrete foundation. Many cemeteries have specific guidelines about how these may/must be installed.


are above ground crypts. There are many, many options and styles for single or large multiple crypt family pieces. We also can suggest “Columbarium” options for cremated remains.

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